Monitoring & Evaluation

ECO SOCIETY always emphasizes the project monitoring time to time for sorting out drawbacks and faults if any in the project and to promote future planning and implementation of the project activities perfectly. Monitoring reports are framed in such a way by which design and evaluation process done consecutively.

To observe the project predominance the formative evaluation is done during program implementation of the project. A total evaluation is done after completion of a project.

For each project, a monitoring team is formulated for proper monitoring of the project activities and the team submits monitoring report to their authority in time. Besides, Executive Director/CEO and Project Director/Team Leader of respective project monitor project activities regularly and evaluate monitoring team reports.

Monthly Progress meeting for each project is held in each month presided by Executive Director/ CEO. All concerned attend the meeting to evaluate the progress and to identify the drawbacks and its remedy.


ECO SOCIETY follows two kinds of Reporting :

1) Internal Reporting  2) External Reporting.

  1. Field level personnel submit monthly progress reports. Besides, they design and prepare an advance program for the next  month which need to be submitted to Director program as a result project functioning is deemed to be reflected to him over the target beneficiaries and he will consolidate that report and submit to the Executive Director of ECO SOCIETY.
  2. b) After every month a concise report of overall progress of project to be prepared by the Director who is subject to submit to person concerned.

Financial Management

All the fund of organization in its Bank Account which is operated by the joint signature as rule of constitution and find are withdrawn as per decisions of the Executive Committee meeting account are maintained as per accounting and audit standard. For the smooth functioning of the project activities all sport of Bank Accounts of ECO SOCIETY have been maintaining with joint signatory system. The authorized signatory powered personnel of ECO SOCIETY are the Chairman, Executive Director/CEO & the Treasurer. All sorts of voucher or advances are to place in the Executive committee meeting and according to the approval of the meeting money is withdrawn from the Bank accounts by the signature of any of the two personnel.