ECO SOCIETY (Previous name: Provat-Alo Samajik Unnayan Sangstha) is a non-government, non- profit, non-political and voluntary organization. It was established in 01 January’2000 with the initiation of a group of educated, like minded and social workers with aim to promote the Socio-economic and cultural status of the poor, distressed and vulnerable people, especially the women, disables and the children through capacity building, institutional development, capital formation and imparting felt-need based problem solving Programs by adopting modern scientific technologies and good governance & human rights based approach. ECO SOCIETYbelieves in non-directive, bottom up, participatory and inter-related development frameworks and acts as a catalyst with its beneficiaries.


To establish and empower poor and vulnerable rural and slum dweller urban people especially the women and disables and proper development of the children in the society  through improving socio economic status and changing quality of life of these down trodden distressed people with our development projects within the general framework of ECO SOCIETY.

Mission Statement :

To establish the poor vulnerable women, disables and children in the society and making them aware, self-reliant and self initiators through campaign, capacity building, institutional development, capital formation, utilization of local resources and imparting felt need based problem solving programs involving necessary skilled, trained, experienced and qualified personnel. To make a significant contribution to the socio-economic changes of the distressed target people through providing need-based supports by promoting their active participation, enabling environment and cast, class and gender-based interaction in the society, mobilizing local resources, enhancement of social commitment, advocacy to build-up people’s capacity that will lead them to promote their self-reliance and sustainability in the long run.

Field of Interest

  • Quality Education and training, Adult education with livelihood support
  • Democracy, Human rights and good governance,
  • Water, Sanitation, Health and Hygiene,
  • Climate change and Environment, Carbon reduction program 
  • Awareness build-up program on rights, Advocacy, Lobbying
  • Training, Education and Rehabilitation to persons with disabilities
  • Youth Development through capacity building training.
  • Organize seminars, workshops and conferences jointly and independently.
  • Strengthening local govt institutions
  • Gender Rights and HIV/AIDS awareness.
  • Livelihood and food security
  • Disaster preparedness and management



Target Beneficiaries:

  • Landless people
  • Marginal farmers and day labor
  • Disadvantage women
  • Poor Children and Youths
  • Person with Disabilities
  • Sex workers

Future Plan :

Eco Society, in the past has managed to develop, expand and widened its activities in the field of humanitarian and community development. In the coming years it intends to expands its activities in the ongoing field of Health & Family planning program, HIV/AIDS awareness, Women & Child rights program, Disable development, Climate Change, Food Security, Agriculture Development, Education and literacy, Sanitation and arsenic hazard mitigation, Income generation through improved training and research.

Specially we have the following plans and targets in the coming future:

  1. We have plan to establish a clinic/hospital in our project area where members of the organization, poor people and disables will get quality treatment and services with reduced/low cost.
  2. For sustainability and better service of the organization for the society we have plan to have organization’s own land and building.
  • We have also plan to establish a blood bank to supply pure blood to the critical patients immediately.
  1. We are planning to establish a vocational training center and polytechnic institute where educated unemployed youth will be trained and skilled to have employment and to alleviate poverty.
  2. We have plan to establish a training and rehabilitation center for the disables where they will get proper training and means to lead a honorable and comfortable life.

Gradually we will go ahead with our different programs with skilled and dedicated team members for better services to the nation and the society where poor and distressed people will find way to live a happy life.